About Me


Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 5.28.43 PMHey there! I’m Maha, a journalist with a unique perspective on life. I am completing my Bachelor’s at Ryerson University in Toronto, which happens to be one of the most amazing cities! I’m a beauty contributor at TeenVogue.com, section writer at The Tempest and I also a write for Muslim Girl. I’m obsessed with everything fashion and beauty.

A little bit about my background, I am Pakistani-Canadian, raised in the UAE, currently going to school in Toronto and loving every bit of it! My blog represents me and the funhouse vision describes how I see things with an altered and different view. On this blog, I’ll be writing about new fashion trends, eye-catching collections, delicious new foods and restaurants I discover, places I travel to, and everyday inspiration. It’s a place for me to grow and for you to enjoy and get a peek of my mind and how I perceive these things. 



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