Beauty Review: TONYMOLY x Pokémon

This has to be one of my all time favourite and most anticipated collections since I adore both TONYMOLY and Pokémon, for me it’s a total dream collaboration. I got a total of six products from the limited edition collection and I’m super excited to be sharing them with my lovely readers today.

The first item is a Pikachu Moisture Mask Sheet which is perfect for moisturizing your skin and especially suitable for when your skin gets really dry in winter. I also love the adorable yellow Pikachu packaging.

This sheet mask contains honey, which is the key ingredient in making your skin softer and smoother, plus it smells great as well. You can apply it to your face for around 30 minutes while relaxing and if you want even better results then apply a toner before putting on the face mask.


The second item is the Squirtle Water Moisture Cream which has to be one of the best moisturizing creams I’ve ever tried. I love the blue packaging and how the ingredients once again relate back to the Pokémon type. It contains natural ingredients like glacier water, witch hazel, and bamboo and is ideal for combination to oily skin types but I find that it works for all.

It has a unique lightweight gel texture that absorbs right into your skin, making it feel hydrating without any sticky or heavy residue. You only need a small amount and a little goes a long way. It also has a very nice floral scent that I love. This is also my favourite item out of the collection.


The third item is the Pika Pika Get It Tint. It is a water-based lip tint that is ideal for achieving the Korean gradient lip look which is just applying the colour to the center of your lips and then dabbing it with your fingers for a natural finish. The packaging is cute and simple, with a glass container at the bottom so you can see the colour and then a dual cap that prevents leakage and makes the wand easier to hold when applying.


It also has a doe foot applicator which I wish was a bit smaller. The formula was a bit runnier than expected but I loved the outcome since it’s a lot of pigment from a tiny amount. I got the darkest shade Red Joy and it’s the perfect red that’s super vibrant. It doesn’t last all day however it doesn’t come off patchy either, the colour just fades so that it still looks good.


The fourth item is the Bulbasaur Pore Foam Cleanser. It is perfect for deep cleaning and taking care of your pores so that your skin can feel fresh and squeaky clean. I like the green packaging the the cute picture of Bulbasaur and they once again made the ingredients connected to the Pokémon itself. It contains Portulaca extract which is a plant and it helps with soothing the skin.

It also contains egg whites which are great for pore care and controlling sebum. It is ideal for combination to oily skin types or if you have any skin type but need focus on pore care. You only need a small amount of this cleanser and it can even remove a face full of makeup. It also smells like fragrant and fresh green tea.


The fifth item is the Pikachu Mini Blusher. It’s the perfect cushion blush for a natural look and is easy to travel with. I think this one has the cutest packaging, everything from the round Pikachu container to the small Pokéball cushion is great. It has a soft and creamy texture and it is moisturizing for your skin as well.


I got it in the shade Rose Coral and it’s the perfect natural looking shade that just adds a hint of colour to your cheeks. It’s easy to apply with the cushion and you only need a small amount of the product to get the desired look. It also has a very light pleasant scent and long lasting colour.


The sixth and final item is the Togepi Hand Cream. It’s a moisturizing hand cream which is perfect for dry and tired skin, another item that’s ideal for winter. The packaging is cute and easy to carry on the go. It has a light lemon scent which is very soothing and a rich texture that absorbs into your skin.

You only need a small amount and the ingredients also offer replenishing and restoring benefits. It’s now my go-to hand cream and an item which is super important to have in the harsh winter so that my skin doesn’t end up suffering. It’s also best to apply it before going to bed every night so that you wake up with soft and moisturized hands.

Overall, I loved the entire collection and I think there is a product suitable for everyone. It caters to a variety of skin types and concerns and it definitely did not disappoint. I was very happy these products and I’d rate the overall collection a 9.5 out of 10. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking to add new and exciting products to their skincare/ makeup routines or is a fan of Korean beauty products or Pokémon!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and let me know what you think in the comments below and what product you liked the most out of the six.signoff7



32 thoughts on “Beauty Review: TONYMOLY x Pokémon

    1. There were many options so you can choose which pokemon you want for each product but I just didn’t happen to get any charmander products (e.g. there was a charmander foam cleanser but I wanted the bulbasaur one instead 🙂 )

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