Nail Colours For Fall

Nail polishes are fun to wear in every season and with every trend, so I decided to do a compilation of my favourite nail colours for fall! Wearing nail polishes is a fun and easy way to dress up any look or add just a hint of colour to an outfit. I collaborated with Faded Rouge to compile the perfect list of nail polishes for fall so you can read my half of the list on my blog and her favourites on her blog.

brgnFor fall, I love wearing neutral nail polishes that can range from nudes to soft oranges rustic reds, so these three from O.P.I had to be my favourites:

O.P.I – Pale of the Chief 


This is the perfect nude nail polish and the best part is that it appears very natural. It can be worn with an everyday look or with a fancier look, this shade goes with just about everything. It has has a very subtle shimmer and a cream finish so it goes on beautifully. If you’re looking for a soft and chic colour, this is definitely it.

O.P.I – Freedom of Peach


Firstly, I just love the name of this nail colour, it’s so clever. Out of the three, this one is my favourite because of how unique the shade is. It’s a faded and almost rustic that isn’t too loud yet has the perfect amount of vibrancy for an impact. It reminds me of fall foliage and is definitely just as beautiful.

O.P.I – Yank my Doodle 


This shade is a deep copper colour that has a more opaque finish but that can be fixed with a second coat if you prefer a more solid coat like me. The colour reminds me of my Lolita liquid lipstick from Kat Von D and so I find that it actually compliments my makeup looks quite well, maybe even more so than my outfits!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this collaboration post and liked my top three choices for fall nail polish colours! Let me know what you think in the comments below and share some of your favourite shades for fall as well. Also, don’t forget to check out the other half of the list on Faded Rouge.signoff7


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